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We are a full-service event and design group committed to turning the ordinary

in to extraordinary.


Weather it is a large client such as Google, Smithfield, Asplundh or the small local office party we take the time to understand what our clients services or products bring to the community as to ensure we understand our clients vision for their corporate event. We have done many themed events and countless team building activities creating an extensive inventory of design/décor elements as well as working with some of the top event coordinators and DOC’s in the area on many large and small corporate retreats and events. Moreover, our ability and quite frankly our love of creating the custom themed event is where ACG becomes the go-to Lighting Design company for many of our loyal repeat corporate clients.




Below are examples of the many weddings we have been blessed to be a part of.  The myriad of designs and venues are all represented highlighting our knowledge of the area and flexible vision in designs. ACG works with the top wedding coordinators/designers ensuring the bride’s vision of her special day is carried out in a cohesive and creative manner. However, it is our intimate knowledge of the many beautiful venues in the Low Country which is our true value when creating a wedding design with ACG. We have preferred vendor status at venues such as Runnymede, Old Wide Awake Plantation, and Dunes West just to name a few. Our team understands the natural beauty of these venues, values the architecture and history each one processes. We have been working with these venues and their staff for many years and have perfected many techniques and built, installed a plethora of lighting elements to not just highlight the design yet to also assist with budget needs as these techniques become built in design elements that can be easily implemented at the request of the client.




With years of experience in lighting and design, we have some projects to show for it.




With over 20 plus combined years of passion driven experience in event design, our team of skilled electricians, rigging engineers, client care specialists and lighting designers bring together the best of all trades and specialties to create a consistent and highly detailed advanced educated lighting company. Given Charleston is consistently the top tier wedding and event destination in the nation, intimate knowledge of the many venues and close relationships with the many vendors has made us trusted and well known in this industry.  While we pride ourselves in consistently staying on the brink of cutting edge technology, we have mastered how to apply it appropriately to ensure the cultural context and beauty of our historical, quaint, region is kept intact.


Aurora Creative Group ensures a consistent high level of service and design that thrives on taking the ordinary and creating the extraordinary. We custom cater designs to our clients, from the initial design to the conclusion of the event staying true to your vision, your needs. With a determined command of the tools and knowledge to create the event, ACG consistently exceeds expectations with every creation.


“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”






au·ro·ra noun 1. 1. a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky.


President/Senior Designer

Christopher was raised on the Isle of Palms and has lived in the Low country for most of his life. He has a passion for not just learning but understanding the rich history and unique culture which can be found in abundance around Charleston South Carolina. As an avid surfer and resident of Folly Beach he also has a deep love for the beaches and unique ecological regions of the Lowcountry. Graduating from Colorado State University with degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies, have given him the foundation to create designs with the individuals' essence in mind. Christopher’s introduction to the lighting field was first sparked in his youth while touring with the Grateful Dead. His creativity, ability to embellish designs stems from this free-spirited environment. While disciplined by his higher education, his time touring left him unafraid to explore the depths of his imagination creating not just an event, but an experience guests will take with them for a life time.


Event Specialist/Carpenter

Born and raised in Charleston, S.C. Kitty has seen the area mature from the simple small town in the South to the International city it has become. As a carpenter for over 30 years he has been an integral part of this transition. Kitty took his knowledge and skills from the carpentry industry and brought them to the event industry. Understanding the importance of preserving the past yet working with state of the art technology, Kitty combines the old and new to maintain the integrity of the local history yet offering clients the flexibility and ease which comes with our modern connected world. Just as dear to Matthew’s heart is music. Kitty is a phenomenal guitar player who has played in many groups which cover a vast array of genres and techniques. This love for music places Kitty in the forefront of the entertainment industry that is abundant here in the Low Country. His passion for finding the right entertainment for your event or creating a custom sound design for a venue is unmatched.


Multimedia Producer

Hector is one of the major driving forces that is moving ACG in the direction it now ventures. His confidence, experience, and knowledge create an energy that permeates all he encounters. His skills are unmatched in the industry. Hector is consistently utilizing the new tools and techniques in his field and his ability to rapidly not just learn but master new technologies is nothing short of amazing. His background in the entertainment industry dates back to his membership in record label produced groups such as Axis. A 90’s male vocal group which saw incredible success during their time. He continues to follow his passion with music and is currently headlining one of the area’s top Latin Bands playing in venues all across the Low Country. While his professional skills are impeccable; it is his skills as a loving father and husband that is his foundation for all he is in this life, a foundation that encompasses all of his endeavors.


Logistics Coordinater

Creative Designer

Jess was born and raised slightly south of Charleston in rural Hollywood, South Carolina. Jess loves to intertwine the beauty of nature into her events creating an organic feel many brides' local and afar are seeking in their design. She combines her many years of experience in the event industry and pairs it with her passion for nursing. Her educational background in the health care field brings a sincere sense of caring, listening, and understanding of the client's needs. Equally her confidence and decisive nature ensures these needs are met. Jess specializes in everything outdoors and understands the importance of both logistics and preservation of these natural treasures. Her close connection with the management of the magical venue of Runnymede positions her perfectly for those planning a wedding or event here. However, it is her deeper connection with the essence of this venue is why she and ACG are the preferred lighting design vendors here. Jess beams with ideas and enthusiasm when she enters this space with a client. Speak to any past bride from Runnymede I am sure you will not just hear they loved her as a planner/coordinator they now cherish her as a friend.


Aurora has the best and brightest in every field. This strong team is the backbone of everything we do.

Team Aurora




Get started on the path to your ultimate vision right now. Contact us for more information on how we can create an environment perfect for you and your guest.



ADDRESS: Charleston, South Carolina


PHONE: (843) 810-2913

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